Gorilla Street Level Marketing
for Veeker
Project Date:2006

Nocturnal with strict budget constraints built a temporary college street team consisting of local university students who were highly motivated and influential in their college community. Their job was to focus on two events Icerair and VeektheVote. Nocturnal created collateral that was street team friendly (see collateral for examples) established relationships with local vendors and election campaigns. The team leveraged the relationships with the vendors and election campaigns to help create a bridge for the veeker business development team which now has deals with MTV, NBC11, Budweiser, Sony Music, Sony Film. The events were both successful in creating a national media buzz, bringing a large number of new users through hands on teaching of the street team, extensive brand exposure and building relationships for business development. This campaign was successful in all aspects. We are continuing to work with Veeker in exploring future business development deals.

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